Lambeth TechAid

Lambeth TechAid came together in March 2020 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the lockdown came into effect across the UK, many individuals were left without access to the internet. Existing inequalities have been amplified across the country as many everyday tasks and services have become accessible exclusively through online platforms, leaving many members of our community behind.

​We collect devices people no longer need (principally computers, tablets and mobile phones), remove all data, ensure they are in good working order and deliver them to people in need, identified through local schools, women’s aid groups, disability, refugee and other community organisations.

Starting out as a small group of volunteers, LTA has since grown to 25 volunteers and has received upward of 300 devices. We work with local community driven organisations to ensure that these donations reach those who are in the most need.

Lambeth TechAid is proud to have Labour MP for Streatham, Bell Ribeiro-Addy as our Patron.

Our work is supported with generosity from the Walcot Foundation, Battersea Power Station Foundation and Lambeth Forum Network.