The Thrale Almshouse and Relief in Need Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales; Charity Number: 225709

It is also a registered company called Thrale Almshouse and Relief in Need Charity Trustee Ltd; Company Number - 07960096

This year it has been accepted by the HCA as a registered Social Housing Provider; number - 4814

Thrale has six Trustee Directors who meet bi-monthly to conduct the business of the Charity. They set and oversee its strategic directions and ethos and create and implement its Business Plan; set and monitor spending via budgets and ensure it works within agreed policies, procedures, regulatory requirements and legal and best practice guidelines.

The charity has recently appointed a Managing Agent, 'Housing for Women' who are based in Brixton, to manage the day to day business of its redeveloped almshouse site on Polworth Road, Streatham.

There is an executive worker, Jennifer Rogers, who supports the Trustee Directors

Trustee Directors

Thrale Almshouse and Relief in Need Charity Trustee Directors are:

Julia Shelley (chair) is a former charity CEO and experienced trustee, now working in interim senior executive roles with  past experience of working in the elders sector. She is also a Brixton resident.

John Carter is an experienced business man who is also knowledgable within the areas of finance, risk management, investment and IT.

Paul Lehmann is an experienced public relations and communications person, a long serving Trustee Director and a Streatham resident.

Julie Vickers is an experienced housing project and development manager, experienced Trustee Director and a resident in the Ancient Parish of Streatham.

Amanda Brown is an academic and an experienced Trustee Director. She is interested in communications, research and evaluation, communities and space and is a former Streatham resident.

James Sanderson is a housing manager experienced in working in social housing providers. He is also a resident in the Ancient Parish of Streatham.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

 ‘We have a vision of local communities that are resilient and sustainable; creating good places in which to live and grow older’

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our resources to help improve the lives of people in the ancient parish of Streatham  (APS).

We will do this by:

-         Being a leading provider of almshouse accommodation for older women.

-         Awarding our Relief in Need (RIN) resources to the wider community.

-         Creating opportunities to enable people to live independently and with dignity

-         Working to alleviate isolation and support those who are vulnerable

-         Building on the Thrale tradition of supporting women

-         Becoming an active voice in shaping positive attitudes towards older people.

We value:

The right of everyone to live with dignity and as far as possible independently

The right of everyone to have a decent home

The importance of local community in enriching peoples’ lives.

Communities with respect for and integration of older people


December 2016 : The Thrale Trustee Directors were delighted to receive so many applications for the small grants programme (RIN)  and will be agreeing final funding decisions in their next board meeting at the end of January

October 2015 : last Thursday was the offcial re-opening of the Polworth Road site, with 8 refurbished almshouse cottages and 9 beautiful new flats. 40  people including local and Lambeth councillors, architects, builders and neighbouring and other Streatham organisations joined residents and Trustees to see Chukka Umunna bury a time capsule and declare the site open. It was a lovely event.

September 2015: we are delighted to announce that this year's RIN Small Grants Programme is now open. You must submit your application form by 30th November (download a 2015 Application Form and a Guidance sheet on this site)

August 2015 : We're delighted say that residents have been moving into the new site during the summer weeks and most of our homes are now taken. A huge welcome to all our returning and new residents

April 2015 : One of our Trustees, Paul Lehmann, attended a graduation ceremony at the Nehemiah Project on 22nd April. The ceremony marked the completion by three residents of the Nehemiah programme 'A New Future'. In 2014 Thrale gave £3000 towards the first stage of this programme, which helps men break out of a cycle of addiction, crime and imprisonment. The three graduates were presented with their certificates by the Sheriff for Greater London, Kevin McGrath.

May: 2015 : Thrale has engaged 'Housing for Women' as its managing agent for the newly redeveloped site at Polworth Road. The organisation, based in Brixton,  has a long and honourable history of providing safe housing for women. We are delighted to set up this partnership.

What are Almshouses?

‘Almshouses have been part of this country's life for many generations and they continue to play a crucial role today in providing accommodation for those in need throughout the United Kingdom. They also make a significant contribution to our national heritage in maintaining many fine, ancient buildings.’
HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of the National Almshouse Association
From the website of the National Almshouse Association:
Almshouses today:
'While many of us may be aware of the many ancient and fine almshouse buildings dotted all over the country, few perhaps realise how vibrant and progressive the almshouse movement is today. '
'Upgrading listed buildings is complex and expensive, requiring planning and conservation consent. Striking the right balance between offering the highest standards while preserving the historic fabric demands patience and close liaison with the authorities.'
'Of greatest importance is to ensure that residents have dignity, freedom and independence to live their lives as they see fit within a safe and secure environment. Almshouses are considered homes for life, with care packages being provided by social services if and when residents need additional help. Whilst there are over 400 wardens or scheme managers employed by almshouse charities, and a number of larger charities offer extra care and even residential care, the general position is that almshouse residents should be capable of independent living.'

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