Trustee Directors

Thrale Almshouse and Relief in Need Charity Trustee Directors are:

Julia Shelley (chair) is a former charity CEO and experienced trustee, now working in interim senior executive roles with  past experience of working in the elders sector. She is also a Brixton resident.

John Carter is an experienced business man who is also knowledgable within the areas of finance, risk management, investment and IT.

Paul Lehmann is an experienced public relations and communications person, a long serving Trustee Director and a Streatham resident.

Julie Vickers is an experienced housing project and development manager, experienced Trustee Director and a resident in the Ancient Parish of Streatham.

Amanda Brown is an academic and an experienced Trustee Director. She is interested in communications, research and evaluation, communities and space and is a former Streatham resident.

James Sanderson is a housing manager experienced in working in social housing providers. He is also a resident in the Ancient Parish of Streatham.